Do This Everyday Before You Sleep To Increase Your Productivity the Next Day

It’s so difficult for people to make time for themselves these days as our world has become so busy with distractions everywhere.

To put this into perspective, the demands from school, work, social life, and constant connectivity to our devices keep us in an endless cycle of busyness. 

This makes finding time for self-reflection somewhat of a challenge. Failing to self-reflect is like failing to get a sense of direction in which your life is headed and finding out what to do to bring it back on track. 

With that said, self-reflection is so important. It allows us to stop for a second and be mindful of what our status really is — like what went wrong and what could go better. 

Doing this from time to time gives you more control of your life rather than just going through the motions. Making this a daily habit can also bring more clarity in your life and positively affect your overall well-being.

Here is a step by step guide to self-reflect in in a couple of minutes. I hope it helps.

Find a Quiet Space

Choose a quiet and relaxing place where you can sit or even lie down without distractions.

Set Aside Time

Allocate at least 10-15 minutes for this reflection period. It’s important to make it a daily routine.

Recap Your Day

Start by going through the events and activities of your day, from morning to night. Think about both the significant and dull moments.

Some ideas:

Did you have a particularly refreshing or productive morning routine?

Were there any major events at work or school?

Were there meaningful connections or any that stood out?

Did you accomplish a goal or make progress towards them?

Did you discover something new or have a particularly enjoyable moment?

Where there moments you showed or received kindness from anyone?

Did you learn anything new today? It could be a life lesson or acquiring knowledge about something.

Did you take care of your physical and mental wellbeing by exercising, practicing mindfulness etc.

Acknowledge Achievements

Identify your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem. Celebrate your successes, no matter how minor.

You might find this useful:

Recognize the small wins. It could be completing a task, making progress on a project, or even maintaining a positive attitude in a challenging situation.

Be specific: Instead of saying: “I did my project”, you could say: “I completed my [say project name] project before the due date.”

Celebrate your wins: No matter how small they may be, celebrate your wins by smiling or giving yourself a treat.

Learn from Challenges

Reflect on any challenges or setbacks you encountered.

You might find this useful:

Identify the challenge. 

Analyze. Take a closer look by asking yourself: “What was the cause?” This is a great starting point to gain insights by identifying the culprit(s).

Embracing a growth mindset: Ask yourself what is the best way you plan to overcome or learn what’s it’s teaching you.

Express Gratitude

Take a moment to express gratitude for the positive aspects of your day. This could be for people you interacted with, opportunities you had, or simply the gift of life itself.

You might find this useful:

Identify what makes you grateful.

Feel the warmth and positivity that this brings.

Consider Areas To Improve

Think about areas where you could have done better or acted differently. This isn’t about self-criticism but rather a way to improve yourself.

You might find this useful:

Identify the specific thing that needs improvement. Example: procrastination.

Practice self-compassion; this isn’t the time to engage in self-criticism.

Now, ask yourself what led to that undesired behavior. Maybe it could be a reaction to a stressful event.

Set Goals

Based on your reflection, set achievable goals for the next day based on what you reflected on and what you wish to be better at.

Practice Mindfulness

Wrap up your reflection by taking a few deep breaths and being present in the moment. Clear your mind of any lingering thoughts from the day.

Relax and Sleep Well

After your reflection, relax and wind down before bedtime. A restful night’s sleep is crucial for better performance.


Writing down your reflections in a journal or on a digital device can help you track your progress over time.

Final thoughts

Well, I hope this helps. Add this article to your collection to come back anytime.


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