5 Important Skills That Help Relationships Stand the Test Of Time

I always feel like a good relationship should be thought of like any other worthwhile pursuit in life: In order for it to be long-term, you must be willing to maintain it by following certain rules and also developing certain qualities.

Long-term relationships are important because research studies show that they come with many positive benefits for individuals, including better physical and mental health, increased intimacy and satisfaction, and opportunities for personal growth and exploration.

In this article, I’ll be touching on the key habits people develop to help them keep their relationships long-lasting.

Effective Communication 

Being able to articulate your needs is important as it adds a layer of trust and strengthens your connection. Communication is also key as it helps you bring clarity to lingering questions without making assumptions that can jeopardize your relationship.
“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.” – Nat Turner.
According to relationship skills trainer, Bento C Leal III, there are 4 key steps for effective communication.

Being empathetic 

Empathy is also another important trait for building strong connections. This means putting yourself in the shoes of the other party and trying to understand things from their perspective or making an effort to respect their viewpoints. Being empathetic helps one feel valued and cared for. Practicing empathy looks like this: you realize that someone seems angry at something you did but instead of acting defensively, you try to hear them out to understand their feelings.

Resilience and patience

Issues of different kinds are bound to arise at some point during a relationship. Whether it’s caused by external stressors like work or family problems, it’s important to practice the art of patience instead of acting impulsively. Patience is important as it helps you think clearly before you act or make a very important decision.


Trust is the backbone of every strong relationship. Trust is believing that your partner is honest and has your best interests at heart. When you trust someone, it creates a conducive environment to share your thoughts and worries, without fear of being judged. It also gives you the assurance that they are going to be with with through thick and thin.


Learning to compromise is such a powerful skill to have. It involves the ability to find middle ground when differences arise. This isn’t to say that it means surrendering your needs; it simply means reaching a decision that honors both parties.


When there is mutual respect, it creates room for an emotionally safe environment. Also, when conflicts arise, you’ll be more likely to handle them in a constructive way. Furthermore, it reinforces your self-worth as the other party makes you feel loved and valued.

There you have it. These are key human traits which prolong a relationship. This increases your chances of being more satisfied while it significantly improves your overall happiness and wellbeing in the long run.

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