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8 Unexpected Things You Must Forgive Yourself For

What if I told you failing to forgive yourself is just being too hard on yourself?

It is almost inevitable at times to find ourselves being our harshest critics in our efforts to grow and improve ourselves each day.

We dwell too much on some shortcomings where it is perfectly okay to cut ourselves some slack by forgiving ourselves. Failing to forgive yourself for certain things in life only makes your life harder. It takes a great deal of awareness to realize there are certain unexpected things which happen even as we strive to create a better life for ourselves.

So this article delves into 8 surprising things you should forgive yourself for. By the end of this article, you will not only reduce the intensity of self-criticism, but also foster personal development and improve your happiness.

What inspired me to do this?

So, I did realize this was a problem I dealt with.  When I began to reduce how often I engaged in self-criticism and embraced self-compassion, I realized my life changed for the better — in the sense that the relationship I had with myself drastically improved and I said to myself: maybe you will find this helpful.

Forgive Yourself For These Things

8. Feeling unsure of what your next steps are:

Periods of uncertainty in life are extremely common since the path of life isn’t linear. The best you can do is to use this as the perfect avenue to explore, learn, and unearth your true passion and goals. When it feels hard to make a decision, use your interests as well as your values as a compass.

7. Not feeling happy for no reason at times:

Emotions are a pretty complex psychological concept to fathom. I mean this in the sense that they aren’t always linked to specific events. Feeling low occasionally for brief periods of time is a natural part of the human experience. So go ahead, feel those emotions without being critical of yourself and when you need a shoulder to lean on, seek support.

To forgive oneself is the hardest of all. Though it may take years to do it, once you have forgiven yourself, you are free. by Maya Angelou

6. Changing your mind:

We might say one thing now, then change our mind the next minute. It’s okay for your perspectives and decisions to change; it’s part of the growth process. Instead of being hard on yourself for doing this, I’ve come to realize that seeing this more as a sign of learning (personal growth) helps you stay nice to yourself and can make you a better decision maker in the long run.

5. Feeling confident or insecure depending on the day:

Well, I believe even the most successful and influential people in our society experience this. Self-esteem ebbs and flows. Your self-worth shouldn’t be tied to how often you feel confident. So make positive self-talk a core part of your life and your self-image will improve with time.

4. Not being prepared for every possibility:

This might not be the first time you’re hearing this, but I bet you know that life is just unpredictable. No matter how hard you try, it will be impossible to anticipate every outcome or scenario. Anytime you catch yourself dwelling in the negative parts of “what-ifs”, ask yourself how you can adjust, and problem-solve.

“You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
— Marcus Aurelius

3. Being productive one day and struggling the next:

It fills extremely great when you’re able to get tasks done. Unfortunately, not everyday will feel as equally productive. The earlier you realize this, the better. On days when you feel unproductive, the best you can do is stay cool, calm, and collected, remember that days like these exist and still focus on ways you can improve yourself going forward.

Forgiving yourself, believing in yourself, and choosing to love yourself are the best gifts one could receive.

2. Having weight fluctuations:

Body weight can naturally vary due to factors like diet, exercise, and hormones. Avoid attaching your self-worth to the numbers on a weighing scale. Your overall health should be the main focus. Direct your attention to nutrition and physical activity, rather than obsessing about weight alone.

1. Saying the wrong thing:

Every now and then we make verbal mishaps. We might say things that offend others without considering the damage we cause just by the utterance alone. As long as you make an effort to show remorse and do your best to learn from such situations, just remember to never let that hinder you from effective communication. You know, in a way where you’re considerate of other’s feelings.


There you have it. Always remember that you are doing your best each day; it is all about putting one put one foot in front of the other and keep striving to be your best. Be patient.


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