8 Uncomfortable Truths About Life

8 uncomfortable truths about life

  1. If you continue to wait for the right time, you’ll waste your life and nothing will happen.
  2. Even if you trust someone, some things must be kept to yourself.
  3. You will lose 99% of your friends when you start to upgrade your life.
  4. You will be 10 times happier if you forgive your parents and stop blaming them for everything in your life.
  5. You become more mature when you train yourself to take nothing personally.
  6. You don’t need a 100 self-help books. All you need is self-discipline and action.
  7. The most difficult mission on earth is to focus on your dreams. The easiest task is to complain.
  8. By age 30, your inner circle should be focused on making money, maintaining their health, and starting a family.


We hope this empowers you to take the required action to make the best of your life.


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