3 Types Of Patience To Succeed in Life

Did you know people who stay calm in the face of constant or petty frustrations are less likely to be depressed? According to psychologist Sarah Schnitker, there are 3 types of patience. We explain them in an engaging way to help you learn from. Swipe up, pin for later, or share on your facebook, so that you have easy access to it whenever.


Imagine you have a loved one who is a slow learner, hard to understand, or just unreasonable. Interpersonal patience is realizing that losing your patience with them will only make matters worse. To master this skill, active listening and empathy are essential.


This entails being able to control your emotions while overcoming major life setbacks or working towards a long term goals. These emotions range from eagerness to get it done to the anger you encounter along the way which can lead to demotivation.


This can be the day to day events that are beyond your control like being stuck in traffic on your way to work or  waiting for your food to be ready. It also includes getting through unavoidable tasks which don’t necessarily contribute to your personal or life goals.


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