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These Thought-Provoking Questions will Put You 6 Years Ahead in Your Life

This is a quick exercise to help you understand yourself and find areas for improvement. Hope you find it fun, relaxing, and productive. 

There’s no wrong answer

#1 What are 3 words you’d like to live by?

  1. Humility, hope, and determination.
    I strongly believe that staying humble is a secret ingredient to success.
    Also, I feel that learning to stay hopeful is good for overall well-being by helping you stay optimistic.
    Finally, I believe the state determined in spite of what life throws at me, helps me stay strong in the face of adversity while providing me with experiences in lessons to help me get to where I wanna be.

#2 What are 3 things you’ve learned from past experiences?

#3 What is something you don’t worry about anymore?

#4 What’s the best advice you’ve received?

#5 What is something you hope to accomplish soon?


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