People Are Sharing the Realizations that Changed their Life and I Hope it Changes Yours Too

At a certain point in your life, you may have had a realization about something which has forever changed the way you view the world. If you’re like me, you also think of realizations as that moment that makes you go: “a ha”.

In a thread started by this here, this very question was asked and the answers are so profound.

These are some of the answers that stood out the most:

People aren’t looking at you and judging you; they are worried about how they look to others. We give so much weight to others opinions.

– u/Iwantedtorunwild

Acting like someone’s differing personality is an attack on you severely hinders you from getting to know how good someone is.

– u/spicydragontaco

A bad workout is better than no workout.

I used to be discouraged by not immediately reaching my goals and would stop working out. Now I just keep going, today’s workout was absolute crap, but it was better than last week’s. And that’s what counts.

– u/genexsen

I once heard someone say “it’ll either be fine or it’s not my problem anymore”. Once I realized that, I started using it in a lot of situations. 

“Worried about a job interview?” “Scared to ask someone out?” Perfect line for it. Give it a shot.

– u/PelkCola

Not everything is worth arguing or needs my reaction. If somebody says cows can fly and peacocks can play violin, I am just going to agree with them.


Having a small circle of high quality people – spouse included, matters more than a ton of people/acquaintances who don’t really see or get you.

The world is not against me, nor is it a benevolent place. It simply is what it is. 

If you want things/your situation to change then it has to come from you. You are the biggest influence in your life.


People think about you way less than you’d think they do. Life is too short to be uncomfortable.


If I try hard enough it isn’t always as hopeless as it seems, I made my like 2.0 GPA into almost a 3.0.


That I, and I alone, am responsible for my own happiness.


The past is just our memory, the future is just an imagination. The only reality is this moment.


That someone will always be better than me.  Sometimes I am that person and sometimes I’m not.


Do you have something you would like to add to this list? Drop a comment below.

Note: Some responses where adjusted for clarity and to reduce length.

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