You will find out if you are moderately or overly apologetic

While growing up, we were always made to apologise anytime we did something wrong. Not issuing an apology would pass us as a disrespectful, oppositional, or defiant. This is to say that apologising is society’s accepted way of showing remorse for our wrong doing which is not a bad thing in my opinion. But when we apologise more than the number of times we walk or talk in a day, then that is a red flag. It would be seen as your way of getting away with any unacceptable behaviour or getting others off your back.

This quiz will help you determine if you do this too much in order to make the necessary adjustments going forward. Hope it helps. 

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    You go to a cinema and realise you have to squeeze past people to get to where you want to sit before the movie starts. What do you do?

    • I make them aware that I’ve made them uncomfortable by saying “sorry”
    • I just pass. After all, everyone does it and I feel we should all get used to it. The least I could say is “thank you”
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    When I need favour from a loved one…

    • I just ask them with the hopes of getting helped
    • I usually add “sorry” because I feel I am bothering them before I ask
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    I will say…

    • That my level of confidence is high
    • That I am not so confident but I am working on it
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    Do you use apologies as a way to cope with nervousness?

    • Absolutely!! I realise when I apologise, I am able to manage my anxiety or fear
    • Apology serves another purpose for mean rather than using it as a way to handle my feelings of fear
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    Do you tend to apologise because you suspect your honest opinion hurt someone’s feelings?

    • Yeah I do, whether or not I see a change in their facial expression
    • I don’t feel the need to apologize to make me seem guilty
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    Do people often roll their eyes or tune you out when you apologise?

    • Honestly I cannot remember when that happened to me; I will say it’s a rare occurence
    • Yep, all the time; you cannot imagine
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    When you apologise in cases that warrant an apology, how do you feel or react?

    • “Sorry” for me carries a lot of weight. I feel by saying that alone, I have shown regret by acknowledging my wrong doing
    • I have said “sorry” so many times that it is difficult using it as a way of closure. I feel like there’s more I should say


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