Place yourself in these scenarios and we will reveal your social personality

What’s your social personality? In other words, are you an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert? As a matter of fact, being any of these three can be good in its own way. Great, isn’t it? Now, asides getting the opportunity to learn and discover your social trait, it’s important that we always value our social connections no matter our social personality grouping. Recent studies have linked building social connections to a 50% increase in longevity. That is, people who cherish their relationships are less likely to develop mental health issues such as anxiety and depression which can shorten life span. Lack of social connections can be more disturbing than you ever imagined. A landmark study revealed that it could be more detrimental to health than high blood pressure and even obesity.

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    Your instructor steps into class and announces that your final project for the semester is going to be group work

    • Yay!!! Love to see this
    • Ugh…I wish I there was a way to work on this alone
    • I don’t mind working solo on the project and neither do I mind doing it as a group
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    You arrive at a house party and a few minutes later, you see some potentially new friends approach you

    • Aah…why did I come here in the first place?/This is gonna be awkward
    • Whew!!! Excited to make some new friends
    • Umm…it all has to do with how I feel at that point in time. There are times I like to meet new people and times I just keep to myself
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    A couple of friends came to visit you at home, spent a few hours but had to get running to avoid getting caught up in traffic.

    • Alas!! They are finally gone. Honestly, I always have qualms when they’re around
    • Well, I really loved having them around and now I guess we all need some alone time now after so much fun
    • Bummer!! I wish they could have stayed longer
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    You just won an award for an outstanding achievement.

    • Calling my loved ones, telling them about it and inviting them to a party to celebrate this occasion sounds more like me
    • No matter how this is important and calls for celebration, I will just tell my very intimate friends
    • Even if those in my social circle know about it or not, my accomplishment alone makes me feel good
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    How do you feel when you step into a serene environment filled with quietness even if people are present?

    • I just want to get out of there real quick
    • I’m able to have time to reenergize myself
    • I can exist in extremely quiet environments and places of social interaction
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    You want to eat some food outdoors – precisely food prepared at a restaurant.

    • I’ll just like to order and take the food home
    • I’ll eat the food there
    • The decision of whether to eat there or not doesn’t bother me. I’ll say it all depends on my mood
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    You were invited in-person to a conference but due to the COVID situation, you received an email notifying you that it will be held online.

    • I will say I’m understanding of the situation. I’m down to be at the conference whether in-person or virtual
    • Yippee!! I feel more at ease now
    • Dang! I wish I could be there in person
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    The friends I’ve made are mostly…

    • Outgoing
    • Reserved
    • Lol I just can’t tell. It seems they have the natural potential to be both
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    You are made to MC your friends birthday party based on a random, anonymous selection.

    • Oh no! Why did I get selected
    • This is so exciting. I’m gonna make this event one to remember
    • I can do it but I’ll think about it. Maybe I might do this – maybe not


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