Quiz: Are you experiencing signs of a toxic friendship?

Two female friends sitting on sofa and arguing with each other

In case you did not know, self-care also involves spotting signs of a toxic friendship. Do you have a friend who has nothing good to say about you, compares you to others, or does similar things which don’t make you happy? Well, if you do, then it’s draining you mentally. Staying away from toxic friendships prevent you from feeling isolated, damaging your self-esteem, or destroying relationships which are a fundamental part of your social and emotional survival.

Toxic friendships are also common among folks in unhealthy relationships. Is this you?

Let’s switch it up by talking a bit about good friendships. They are those I often term as priceless. Being in one helps us through thick and thin. Knowing that you have a shoulder to lean on is powerful enough to serve as a remedy for stress, depression or even suicidal thoughts. With good friendships also come an increased sense of belonging. This improves our overall wellbeing. Thus we should all strive to build friendships like these.

This quiz aims to help you find out if you are likely experiencing signs of a toxic friendship; Tips on toxic friendships will also be shared. Always remember that your health comes first; practice self-care.

  • Question of

    What can you say about you and your friend?

    • We are likely the type who can spice up our friendship with good-natured teasing at times
    • One party regularly makes the other feel miserable by saying demeaning things
  • Question of

    When it comes to our secrets…

    • We never spill the beans
    • One person just can’t zip it/They enjoy spreading secrets occasionally
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    In case someone is called out for bad or inappropriate behaviour in your friendships…

    • Remorse is never shown in their apology /They never apologize
    • Their apologies seem sincere probably because of how they value our friendship
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    Describe their reaction when things go wrong.

    • They are the unpredictable type; It’s difficult to tell if they’ll shout or blurt out curse words if something goes wrong. This causes me to feel nervous around them
    • They are predictable; I understand them so much that I know how they respond to certain situations – this makes it easier to avoid things I know they don’t like
  • Question of

    What’s checking up on each other like?

    • They derive joy in stealing the limelight
    • It seems we give each other equal attention
  • Question of

    How do you feel when you spend time with each other?

    • Ugh…uneasy!! Their presence leaves me unsettled
    • Purr!! I feel so happy and good
  • Question of

    In our friendship…

    • We accept and understand our unique personalities
    • One party wishes they could change things about me – for instance if I am an introvert, they will make me feel bad about my personality with the aim of changing it
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    In our friendship…

    • Making comparisons is a no no; We understand our unique situations without making them feel bad about it
    • It’s common for one party to label the other as mediocre if they don’t have something their other friends have


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