Quiz: This is the tested and proven hack to calm your mind

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(Sheesh!! I need a break already.) Our minds get pretty chaotic at times. This makes us restless and procrastinate more often. In effect, we feel like all is lost and sometimes ask ourselves if giving up on life is the way to go. Well, that would not be the solution. You just have to incorporate a hack into your daily routine and you’ll see how beneficial it will be for you. This quiz will reveal what hack you must definitely start with to begin your journey.

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    What keeps you up at night?

    • Anxiety about the next day
    • The bills you need to pay
    • School tasks with deadlines
    • Politics and local news issues
    • Waking up to go to work
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    Hmmm, what is your memory like?

    • Depending on what I’m encoding, it can sometimes be easy, other times: difficult
    • It takes longer to learn but it doesn’t forget information
    • It learns moderately and remembers well
    • It learns easily and forgets quickly
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    How do you feel about spending time alone?

    • I love spending time by myself
    • I enjoy spending time alone sometimes
    • I will only do so if I get a treat
    • I don’t like spending time alone
    • Only when I am busy
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    How would you rate your current self-care habits?

    • I’m motivated and fairly consistent but could use some perspective/advice
    • I am a total newbie
    • I know what I need to do but I don’t do it
    • I’m a pro and could teach this stuff
    • I am now about to learn
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    What are you most likely to eat after a stressful day?

    • Everything in sight
    • Something delicious that will make me feel good
    • My favorite treat food
    • Whatever I would usually eat
    • I often skip meals
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    Describe your working environment in one word.

    • Demanding
    • Toxic
    • Vibrant
    • Collaborative
    • Supportive
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    (Time for a drink)Pick one to help you wind down after a stressful week

    • Champagne Cocktail
    • Moscow Mule
    • French 75
    • Margarita
    • Honestly, anything refreshing will do
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    Finally, how many times per week do you make time for stress relieving activities?

    • 0 – I don’t even know what brings me joy anymore
    • 1-2 – It’s pretty hard with my busy schedule
    • 3-5 – Doing things that light me up is really important to me
    • 5-7 – My life is one big joy fest


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