Quiz: Have quotes on following your heart helped you?

Are you the kind of person who finds himself seated behind his phone googling “quotes on following your heart?” and make sure to have them pasted on your wall? Yes, quotes of that criterion are meant to fill you with the inspiration and encouragement you need to better your life. But despite the positive effects you derive from reading these awe-inspiring, breath-taking, and believable quotes, has it motivated you to make those changes you ought to make? For some, following your heart is more about the amount of money you make from your job or craft; This is to say, the higher the pay check, the more joy you have. Unfortunately this is what also drives students to pursue majors they are not passionate about. Most of the time, those who cannot follow their hearts are those who care a lot about what others think. Is that you? To follow your heart is more about doing something that gives you a sense of purpose because it’s more about you wanting to make a difference, an impact. Overall, you’ll have a boost in well-being because of these effects. In this quiz, you will find out if quotes on following your heart have been helpful based on your current work or craft in 2021.

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    The work I now do…

    • Has become so fun that I do my best to make friends in that same field
    • Bores me. I don’t want to even build connections with folks who are passionate about that field of work
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    I tend…

    • Fantasise about what I wish I was doing
    • To enjoy the time I spend doing my work
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    During working hours, my mind…

    • Tends to focus on the work at hand. I make sure I get the job done by completing all my tasks for the day
    • Easily wanders or drifts away pretty often. I have to shake myself to focus on the task at hand
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    In my work…

    • I keep my eyes fixed on the clock waiting to close or leave
    • I lose track of time because I am deeply immersed in what I’m doing
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    Success in what I’m currently doing is more about…

    • The amount of money I make to live my dream life
    • The fulfillment and gratification I get knowing that I’m doing what makes me happy and making a difference as well
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    I use off days…

    • To recharge for work/task(s) I will be doing in the future (upcoming day/week)
    • As the opportunity to escape from my task(s) related to my work to attend to others
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    Whenever I have the opportunity…

    • I decide not to talk about my work with anybody
    • I like the world to know the work I do as well as the joy that comes from it
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    Anytime I’m doing my work, I think of…

    • Having the strength to survive the day like always
    • Making the current day better than the previous
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    When it comes to others whose work is similar to mine…

    • I might either sabotage or fail to help them to try and look better/ I’m not able to get the motivation I need because I don’t really like my work
    • I help them wholeheartedly when they need it. I just want to do good things and see others thrive because I love what I do
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    A challenge in my work…

    • Makes me more proactive; it’s an opportunity to brainstorm on effective solutions
    • Is really frustrating. It feels like I have too much on my plate to handle; it’s more like jumping from one problem to another


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