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    Are you able to make time to go outdoors and visit places like parks, nature reserves, museums etc?

    • Not regularly. I’m probably the type who goes when they feel like
    • Pretty often. I make it a point to make those visits habitually
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    How often do you hang out with friends?

    • Twice a month or less
    • I’ll say at least once a week or more
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    When was the last time you challenged yourself to do something new?

    • Ugh…about a month ago or more/probably can’t remember
    • Umm…definitely 2 weeks ago or less
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    When you want to show support or give back to your community, what’s your type?

    • I’m the type who signs up to take part in engaging activities like volunteering
    • I’m the type who gives back and shows gratitude through things like donations
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    Based on an educated guess, how many hours of sleep do you get?

    • I’ll say between 7 and 9 – or even more
    • Maybe 6 or less
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    How often do you practice mindfulness activities – like deep breathing exercises or getting so engrossed in a project, for instance?

    • Weekly or on a daily basis
    • Hmmm, probably monthly or more
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    Are you able to take regular walks each and every day?

    • If I’m being honest, I definitely walk but I spend most of my time sitting due to my work or the task at hand
    • Ummm…I’ll say that the amount of time I spend walking around is roughly the same amount of time I spend seated at one place
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    Do you ever get physical workouts to fit into your schedule?

    • I work out when I feel I’m in the mood to do so or when I have time
    • Yes, I do physical workouts regularly; I’ll say 3 times a week or more

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