Play this quiz and we'll reveal if you are in a short term or long lasting friendship

Lifelong friendships are the most valuable friendships which are not easy to come by. Therefore, we must learn to value those who exhibit the qualities of true friends. With lifelong friendships comes reduced stress, increase in self worth, happiness, just to name a few.

A quick indication to tell if a friendship would not last is excessive social media addiction because a friend of yours can post status updates or opinions that hurt.

By playing this quiz, you will understand what it takes to be in a lifelong friendship and find out if you are currently in one or not. 

  • Question of

    Do you tend to have fun together and make each other laugh?

    • Not really
    • For the most part
  • Question of

    When it comes to showing each other tough love…

    • We do it wholeheartedly
    • It can be difficult at times
  • Question of

    We make it a point to…

    • To spend time with each other when we are in the mood
    • Find time to spend with each other often
  • Question of

    Anytime we face tough situations…

    • It’s difficult to get in touch
    • We are always available for one another
  • Question of

    In our friendship, we…

    • Love each others’ quirks
    • Find our quirks unacceptable
  • Question of

    We make it a point…

    • To say nice things about each other
    • It does not matter much to me
  • Question of

    When successes come our way…

    • We celebrate with joy
    • I do otherwise, like making comparisons


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