It’s one of these two attitudes your close friend has towards you. Play this quiz to find out

We all have certain behaviors or attitudes we tend to hide from others at times; it varies for everyone. For instance, we all know jealousy is a pretty common feeling we’ve all had at a point in our lives. It can be driven by various factors including poor self-image or low self-confidence. It is common at places like schools and workplaces. Jealousy is often tagged as a negative emotion because it leads to adverse effects like depression, anxiety, as well as regrets because it leads you to perform actions which are irrevocable at times.

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    When it comes to my style of clothing…

    • We both have our distinct styles
    • I know of people around me who adopt similar looks because I have them on
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    My looks are so good…

    • That it gets downplayed by that person
    • That, that person is so surprised that they say it outright
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    • Try to convince me and others that they are better
    • Understand that we are unique
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    The advice I get from them…

    • Makes me feel whole
    • Tends to sadden me; at times too I get mocked
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    Whenever I am around them…

    • I feel like I am being competed with
    • We do our own thing to show that distinct part of us
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    I have noticed that…

    • We are always chill – nothing but love!!!
    • They hate me for no apparent reason
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    In social settings…

    • No one has time to bring down others. Everything is just as smooth as silk
    • They try to humiliate me to make me feel less attractive
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    During conversations…

    • I get praised and congratulated for my accomplishments. They always seem happy for me
    • They always try to diminish my achievements


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