Quiz: Are you learning how to build self-confidence?

Has this question ever surfaced in your thoughts: how do I build self-confidence? If yes, well the good news is, learning how to build a high level of self-confidence like your favourite celebrity is not entirely difficult. So if you have started working on it, the new question to ask yourself is: how do I know if my level of self-confidence is improving? No need to worry because in this quiz, you will know if you are learning how to build your confidence or if there are improvements you should make. Having a high level of self-confidence is important because it helps us understand ourselves and be more appreciative of the fact that we are unique beings; it allows us to strengthen our personal relationships by better managing our emotions, just to name a few. It also places us in a better position to identify our strengths and weaknesses. Finally, to have self-confidence means being able to ask for help whenever you need it, and also learning to live without caring about what others think or have to say about you. Are you this type of person? Take this fun, informative, and engaging quiz to find out. Hope it helps.

  • Question of

    When I face emotional outbursts…

    • I find it easy to express my feelings
    • Conveying my feelings is difficult
  • Question of

    When it comes to my beliefs (political, religious etc), I…

    • Shut people off when they begin arguing about it; I just can’t stand it
    • Am able to engage in a heated debate about it
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    I am the type of person who…

    • Takes blame or praise – whatever the outcome is
    • Blames others for failures but takes credit for successes
  • Question of

    How do you feel when it comes to processing the feelings of others?

    • I find it pretty difficult to empathise with them
    • Relating to others is my strong trait. I use my experiences and feelings to accomplish this
  • Question of

    When I do something…

    • I am the type of person who is able to explain the reason for my action(s)
    • Explaining the reason for my action(s) is difficult
  • Question of

    When it comes to my emotions, I…

    • Like to process and feel them
    • Feel suppressing it is the best way to handle them
  • Question of

    When it comes to my goals, I…

    • I feel most of them are realistic; I find it difficult highlighting obstacles which can prevent me from achieving them
    • Am able to identify any roadblocks that can prevent me from achieving my goals, so I am able to set realistic ones
  • Question of

    The choices I make…

    • Are a reflection of who I am
    • Represents what those around me (society) deems right
  • Question of


    • Am able to tell when my mind is wandering and refocus my thoughts on the task at hand
    • Find it difficult bringing my mind to the present when it wanders; this affects my concentrationšŸ˜¢


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