Three celebs have some invaluable advice if your relationship falls in this category

A healthy vs unhealthy relationship is more like healthy foods vs unhealthy foods. The common similarity they share is the effects they have on your overall health; unhealthy foods mainly deteriorate your physical health while unhealthy relationships kill your emotional and mental health.

There are times people get into relationships without understanding what its all about and the commitment that needs to be put into it. People get into them because they are either too lonely; They also want something to make them feel good about themselves; The newness of a relationship just fascinates them; Trying to make an impression on others.

In this age, relationships are not able to stand the test of time as they probably used to. Some reasons relationships fall apart include failure to spend quality time with your partner – especially due to work; failing to comply with the 3 C’s in a relationship i.e. Communication, Compromise, and Commitment, lack of trust, letting your ego get the best of you, busy chasing materialistic dreams, anger related issues just to name a few.

This quiz will help you identify where you likely stand when it comes to a healthy vs. unhealthy relationship. 

PS: It’s not a form of diagnosis

  • Question of

    Do you both have your own space?

    • No, we are together so we have to spend every moment with each other
    • Yes, we take time to focus on things like our own interests and friendships
  • Question of

    What is communication like?

    • We have topics we consider off-limits, hence we don’t talk about them
    • As much as possible, we both allow each other to express ourselves freely and honestly
  • Question of

    When it comes to decision making…

    • We make decisions jointly at all times
    • One party always calls the shots
  • Question of

    When it comes to myself and my partner…

    • We accept and value each other for who we are now
    • We wish things could be better; value and acceptance is placed on who we might become – if for instance, there is a financial breakthrough or move to our dream house
  • Question of

    When it comes to love, kindness…

    • We give it to each other. We believe we both deserve it
    • It is common for us to show it towards others we barely know than ourselves
  • Question of

    When you both say things you never meant to say…

    • We learn to let it go even if what was said hurts
    • Forgiveness is conditional depending on what was said and how it hurt my feelings
  • Question of

    When I have concerns…

    • My partner is the one I immediately tell
    • I find myself telling people outside my relationship – colleagues, coworkers – before
  • Question of

    What can you say about your quirks?

    • We accept and tolerate them
    • I wish I could change that of my partner
  • Question of

    Who has a say in the direction your relationship should go?

    • Just one person/ My bff or family member
    • Just my partner and I
  • Question of

    One party talks about their problems but fails to hear that of the other party in our relationship?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Do traits of manipulation – like using superficial things to influence your opinions – exist in your relationship.

    • Yes
    • No


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