Find out whether or not your habits are damaging your mental health

Habits are as a result of engaging in repetitive behaviours. There are some of them that can have a toll on your mental health. If you realise this early, it can be easy to stop them. In some cases, you will need help from professionals. 

This quiz will help you determine if you are gradually damaging your mental health or doing your best to keep it under check. 

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    As difficult as it may be, I…

    • Make it a point to have adequate rest at all times
    • Nah, I have adequate rest when I feel like. That is, when things look good
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    When it comes to my social media usage, I…

    • Am a heavy user
    • Use it in moderation
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    • Give no room to toxic behaviour
    • Don’t really care about toxic behaviour. I feel like I can handle it
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    I am good at…

    • Concealing my emotions
    • Pouring out my emotions
  • Question of

    When it comes to making time for myself, I…

    • Make it a priority
    • It depends on my schedule; if it’s busy, I am unlikely to do so
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    • Tend to compare myself with others
    • Understand that I am a unique person
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    • Exercise a lot; I have a schedule
    • Rarely exercise or do so when I feel like


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