Quiz: Your anger archetype will reveal your anger issues

What’s that one, clear indicator of having severe anger related issues? This quiz is the perfect way of finding out if your level of anger issues based on your archetype. Reminder: The goal is to remind you to prioritise self-care by working on your weaknesses because the effects of constant anger can be pretty devastating on your well-being. At times, people who don’t have proper work-life balance are most likely to do this. But wait, before you start, remember that it’s okay to get pissed at times; especially if we don’t tolerate the actions of someone or a group of people. It sends a direct signal to whoever offended you – never to repeat that irking behaviour again; but if things get out of control – like you wanting to give that person a slap just to show how hurt you are, you might want to rectify that behaviour because it only aggravates the situation at hand and could lead you into trouble. That gives you an idea of what having anger issues might look like and why this quiz is worth taking. Also remember these 2 things to help you change for the better:

  1. “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” – James Quotes
  2. “Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.” – Einstein Quotes

  • Question of

    You realised someone changed the TV show whilst you were watching it. How do you react?

    • I make it known; Something like WHY ON EARTH DID YOU DO THAT??
    • I might ignore my feelings and make sure they change it back
    • I might say something like, “I don’t blame you…you luck proper training”
    • I just get up and leave without acknowledging their presence.
  • Question of

    You got in a heated argument with your friend at his house and were told by his parents to leave without hearing your side. What do you do?

    • I leave angrily, slamming the door
    • I will leave without letting them know I am hurt by what they told me
    • I get pissed with my friend and might drop snide remarks if I ever see them again
    • I am not too happy about it, but I’ll try to let it pass
  • Question of

    A person you know has accused you of instigating a fight between two colleagues at work. What do you do?

    • I yell at them saying something like, “HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME, DO YOU HAVE ANY EVIDENCE?”
    • Will try to get myself out of the situation by proving my innocence while overriding the feeling of rage this person has created
    • I might just have the last laugh by exposing an embarrassing secret of the person
    • I get so pissed that I just avoid the person who levelled false accusations.
  • Question of

    Someone steals your phone and after catching them, you realise they aren’t showing remorse. How do you react?

    • I might just beat the hell out of them
    • I will try to forgive and forget in spite of my rage
    • I will tease and laugh at them in a contemptuous manner – mainly because of their situation
    • I get the person to clear of my sight and hope to never see them again even if it means making sure they are taken to jail.
  • Question of

    You ordered food for the family and realised someone unintentionally began eating the food which was meant for you. What do you do?

    • Before they say anything, I will probably yell something like, “WHY DID YOU TAKE MINE?”
    • Although it’s all food, I will just let the situation slide hide what I feel on the inside.
    • Something like, “What made this person do this? At least they should have asked” occupies my thoughts
    • The person makes me sick. I just don’t want to be around them
  • Question of

    You are taking a stroll when someone opens the passenger side of his car door without paying attention. As a result, it hits you. What will you do before the person apologises?

    • I’m not gonna fume because I’m in public but ugh
    • I’ll raise my voice like “DIDN’T YOU SEE ME PASSING BY?”
    • I ask myself questions like what prompted this person to act this way and I just leave without minding them
    • If I realise everyone is watching me, I just prevent myself from creating a scene
  • Question of

    While you were in a bus, the one sitting beside you sprinkled his juice which left a stain on your interview clothes. How do you react?

    • Something similar to, “LOOK AT WHAT YOU’VE DONE; CAN’T YOU SEE???
    • People are in the bus so I’ll put on a fake smile making it lookalike its okay
    • I might indirectly mock them in a derogatory manner
    • I use profane language in my head and just try to distance myself from them


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