1 minute fun quiz on staying positive

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The goal of this quiz is to highlight the merits of staying positive; Hope this inspires you to practice self-care.

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    One of these best describes positivity.

    • Being optimistic
    • Feeling exhilarated one day and feeling down, the next
    • Paying attention to the downside of something
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    All these are signs of positivity except…

    • Taking charge of negative thoughts
    • Working towards goals
    • Letting others define who you are
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    Which of these does not serve as a first step to build positivity?

    • Social comparisons
    • Learning to accept yourself
    • Celebrating your accomplishments
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    People who lack positivity are more likely to…

    • Focus a lot
    • Be dissatisfied with life
    • Have happiness overall
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    Which one of these will be the best way to help a friend who lacks positivity?

    • Judge their way of thinking and condemn it
    • Find the root cause of their negative thinking and give some advice
    • Try to relate to it by joining the family of pessimism
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    Generally speaking, where does pessimism begin — for people — in some cases?

    • Loss of job or property
    • Missing a basketball shot
    • Not getting the present you wanted
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    In effect, people who have positivity, are more likely to exhibit one of these attitudes…

    • Frustration
    • Self-confidence
    • Timidity
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    People who aren’t positive for the most part always wear this look on their face.

    • 😊
    • 😞
    • 😌
  • Question of

    Being positive motivates you to do things you didn’t believe you could do.

    • True
    • False
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    What is the best course of action when you realize people in your social circle always have something negative to say about you?

    • Hear them out
    • Argue and defend yourself
    • Cut ties with them



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