Take Action!!! The #1 Reason Young People Stay Poor

This is a powerful and interactive way for you to see areas you can start taking immediate action based on the key points highlighted in Alex Hormozi’s video: The #1 Reason Young People Stay Poor.

After watching the video, take the fun poll below to help you take action to change your life. Reflect on them based on where you are in life at the moment.

As you’re reflecting, it will be a good idea to handwrite the areas you need to work on.


PS: If you realize you’re not were you need to be yet, remember that small steps towards improvement can lead to significant positive changes.

  • Question of

    What’s one way you can balance learning over earning today?

    • Seek mentorship and learn from experienced professionals
    • Invest time in expanding your skillset through continuous learning
    • Embrace entry-level opportunities to gain valuable experience
    • Balance both learning and earning effectively
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    What’s a strategy you can immediately implement to stack skills and compound your growth?

    • Increase the volume of work to accelerate learning and improvement
    • Seek out additional learning resources (books, courses, etc.)
    • Engage with industry experts and learn from their experiences
    • Set specific goals and consistently work towards achieving them
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    What’s one way you can immediately overcome the ‘Dunning-Kruger effect’ and embrace a growth mindset today?

    • Stay humble and acknowledge that there is always more to learn
    • Seek feedback and constructive criticism to identify areas for improvement
    • Embrace challenges as opportunities to grow and develop
    • Continually push yourself to expand your knowledge and skills
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    How can you start balancing short-term earning with long-term learning?

    • Prioritize gaining skills and experience over immediate financial gains
    • Seek out opportunities that offer both learning and earning potential
    • Be strategic in choosing roles that align with your long-term goals
    • Continuously invest in your personal and professional development
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    What’s one way you can start seeking out valuable mentorship opportunities today to accelerate your growth?

    • Identify experienced individuals in your field and request mentorship
    • Join professional networks or organizations to connect with potential mentors
    • Seek guidance from online communities and forums related to your interests
    • Actively engage with industry thought leaders through social media or events
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    What’s one way you can create a balance between earning and learning to maximize your long-term potential?

    • Set aside dedicated time for learning and skill development regularly
    • Pursue projects or opportunities that align with your learning goals
    • Continuously evaluate and adjust your priorities based on growth opportunities
    • Find ways to monetize your skills and knowledge while still expanding your expertise


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