Which celebrity has the best self-care routine?

Will you try a self-care routine inspired your award-winning musician or actor? Well, you get to decide.

This might seem pretty difficult especially if you find almost everything here fun.

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    Try choosing one

    • Elizabeth Banks
      Treating myself to a tequila cocktail in my cozy pj’s – inspired by Elizabeth Banks
      Elizabeth Banks/Instagram
    • January Jones
      Putting on a face mask before taking my twice a week detox bath – inspired by January Jones
      January Jones/Instagram
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    Here too

    • Jen Atkin
      Purifying my skin with a face mask before a group video chat – inspired by Jen Atkin
      Jen Atkin/Instagram
    • Dua Lipa
      Taking a luxurious bubble bath – inspired by Dua Lipa – to pass time
      Dua Lipa/Instagram
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    Select one

    • Eva Mendes
      Dressing well at all times even if it is to take out the trash – inspired by Eva Mendes
      Eva Mendes/Instagram
    • Marc Jacobs
      Taking some inspiration from Marc Jacobs to grab a glass of green juice to stay fit
      Marc Jacobs/Instagram
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    How about this?

    • Zoe Kravitz
      Spending time with my pet – inspired by Zoe Kravitz
      Zoe Kravitz/Instagram
    • Lady Gaga
      Playing video games and cards with my partner to keep my mind as stress free as possible – inspired by Lady Gaga
      Lady Gaga/Instagram
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    And this?

    • Gwyneth Paltrow
      Heeding to Gwyneth Paltrow’s advice to either “write a book, learn an instrument or a language or learn to code online, draw or paint”
      Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram
    • Trying out a new hair-cutting hobby to shave my sibling’s hair – inspired by Chris Evans
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    Gee, what about this?

    • Lizzo
      Surrounding myself with the good energy crystals radiate while playing a flute – inspired by Lizzo
    • Hilary Swank
      Learning how to crochet to make my home-made beanie – inspired by Hilary Swank
      Hilary Swank/Instagram
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    • Harry Styles
      Grabbing inspiration from Harry Styles by “listening to music, playing some games, doing some face masks”
    • Camila Cabello
      Meditating a few times per day to relieve stress and anxiety – inspired by Camila Cabello
      Camila Cabello/Instagram


What activities excite you the most this fall?

Would you rather — self care edition