People share what they think the world will be better off without to live a happy and healthy life

Since GenZbuzz is focused on creating a happier and healthier life going forward, I was thrilled to see some these answers that were provided to u/RamoneMisfit‘s question: “What would the world be better off without?“. From hilarious to serious answers, these were by far the most thought provoking ones.
But anyways, hope these answers will help you find ways to eliminate these roadblocks to a happy life.
Share in the comments the one you most relate to.

1. u/janet-snake-hole says…

“Dementia. The way it not only kills the body of yourself/loved one, but you first have to witness their personality & your relationship die and/or become cruel and heartless.”

2. u/burning_man13 says…

“My wife and I had bed bugs years ago. We lost EVERYTHING that couldn’t fit in a washer and dryer when we moved. You never get over the horror of being eaten alive when you sleep. Any time I see a track of bites I start panicking. We haven’t had them since, but they have burrowed between my ears.”

3.  u/Amaryllis_smlflwr listed these three…

“Social media influencers that peddle an unrealistic life and stupid opinions to millions of young impressionable teenagers.

Pyramid schemes

Bad parents”

4. This one by u/chriscidell got me

“Calls about my vehicles extended warranty”

5.  u/keiths31 says…

“Had ingrown toenails on both my big toes. Most pain I never felt in my life. I have broken wrists in half. Cracked my skull bone. Four knee surgeries. Part of my testicle removed. Five colonoscopies. Collapsed eardrum. Six concussions from sports. And a run with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that lasted almost four years in my preteen years. And my ingrown toenails were the worst pain I have ever experienced. Had surgery on them in my late teens and man what a relief.”

6.  u/Panama_Gooding_Jr says…

“Celebrity “news” and similar tabloids. We really need to stop making stupid people famous and having them set examples to impressionable people.”

7. Honestly, I would agree with u/Royisnotmyname

“Apparently mosquitoes. They cause far more harm than good, and according to a certain research they could just be replaced if they went extinct.”

8. u/ChibiSailorMercury says…

there wouldn’t be sweat shops or climate changes if it weren’t for corporate greed, billionaire greed
all we’d need to fix then is stuff humans didn’t cause like cancer or natural disasters”

9. u/apunnykindofloves says…

“Extremism of every kind.
Extreme viewpoints, regardless of it being political or religious, reduce other people from being objects.
When people are viewed as objects it’s easier to hurt or kill them in the name of a greater good.”

10. u/lightd93 says…

“Hedge funds. They are literally financial leeches that have no real value in today’s world.”

11. Real facts by u/pengitty

“People who reject evidence because of belief and or willing ignore facts just because they been brainwashed. These people are able to have kids, vote, and unfortunately have an opinion when the rest of normal society is just trying to get by.”

12. u/Dry_Beat_512 says…

“Hate. People are finally coming out of their shells and being who they really are, and so many people are afraid of that idea that they hate on people who are brave enough to be themselves. It sucks.”


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