Interesting Ideas For GenZbuzz Gamified Habit Tracker

It can feel overwhelming when you have a ton of new habits you want to start on your self-improvement journey. On top of that, it feels difficult to tell which one you might want to focus on a given month since you try to process all that.

To help you decide, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is something I know will make me better given where I am in life at the moment?
  2. Is this goal attainable and specific enough? Some goals take a while to accomplish. With that said, breaking them down into milestones is a great way to take it head on.
  3. What will happen if I don’t cultivate this habit? This will help you ensure that you stay as consistent as you possibly can.

But first, these are the rules.

Game Rules

Before you start

Focus on one habit you feel could transform you once you adopt it. Maybe it’s waking up early, reading, managing anger, or even preparing for an interview for your dream career. Here are some other ideas.

Enter your start date. If you didn’t start on the first of the month, don’t fret; you can still participate once you indicate your start date.


  1. Progress Tracker: The progress tracker is in the form of circles on the staircase which you can tick. The more you tick, the higher you go, which is a powerful and tangible indicator of your growth.
  2. At the end of your week 1 and your final week, scan the QR code on the visual staircase for a special note.

    A Gif Of Man surprised
  3. Weekly Motivation: Each week has some motivational quotes to boost your self improvement journey. If you are able to stay consistent, you’ll accumulate more points each week.
  4. Weekly Log: At the end of each week, you’ll log the number of points you earned based on whether you managed to stay consistent or not.
  5. In the end, calculate your total points. Based on the range it falls in, you are either a, “Beginner”, “Intermediate”, or “Legend”.

Scan the last code on the bottom right to leave a review and download next month’s copy to be on the leaderboard.

Heard Enough?

Now, here are some ideas for habits you can develop with our Gamified Habit Tracker.

  1. Students:
    • Allocate dedicated time for studying each day.
    • Track progress on assignments and project milestones.
    • Cultivate a reading habit for personal and academic growth.
  2. Parents:
    • Implement consistent family time for bonding.
    • Monitor children’s academic progress and assist with homework.
    • Develop habits promoting a positive home environment.
  3. Job Seekers:
    • Set daily goals for job searching and networking.
    • Enhance skills through targeted learning each day.
    • Track applications and follow-ups for better organization.
  4. Employees:
    • Prioritize tasks and manage time efficiently at work.
    • Focus on professional development and skill enhancement.
    • Promote a healthy work-life balance for overall well-being.
  5. Spirituality:
    • Establish a daily meditation or mindfulness practice.
    • Engage in reflective journaling for personal growth.
    • Dedicate time to connect with a spiritual community.
  6. Finance:
    • Monitor daily expenses and budget adherence.
    • Save a specific amount each day toward financial goals.
    • Educate oneself on financial literacy topics regularly.


These are just some of the few things. Hope it provides some inspiration to help you choose what you wish to focus on.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, here is your copy.


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