7 Self-Care habits you should be practicing to boost your gpa

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No matter where we find ourselves in life, practicing self-care is certainly the key to thrive. Are you a student who believes that boosting your gpa is all about spending countless hours behind your books – either reading or solving difficult math questions? Although being able to maintain a high gpa in college requires a lot of hard work, this doesn’t mean working yourself to the point of burnout. The body as we know it, needs to take regular – and at times – intermittent breaks to recharge; This is where practicing self-care comes into play.

Self-care is basically learning to do what’s good to improve your health and well-being; It means learning to identify and attend to your needs by putting yourself first when you have to. Since you’ve taken this quiz, here are some self-care habits students should be practicing to have the best semester.

1. Having enough rest

I cannot stress on how important this is. Sleep is the body’s way of telling you it needs to be recharged – this makes it the best way to refuel the body after a tiring day. With an adequate amount of sleep comes increase in concentration, as well as mood improvement. The best part: it lowers the risk of being diagnosed with serious health problems. So as much as possible, try to regain energy through sleep – even if it’s a power nap – rather than consuming of caffeinated beverages or energy drinks.

2. Taking walks

Do your best to get out of your comfort zone by taking walks a few times a week. Asides the health benefits which include burning of calories as well as longevity – just to name a few – walks are the perfect way of letting go off all the things which hinder you from making significant progress. Whether you got that grade you weren’t satisfied with or missed that assignment deadline, just go out, breathe some fresh air, feel the breeze, and admire nature.

3. Exercising

It’s funny how many people start this as a New Year’s resolution and go back to square one after a few months; I say this because I was in the same boat myself. Asides getting that unique physique you have always wanted, regular exercise secretes endorphins – a happy hormone – which keeps us elated. Even if it’s a few push ups you can do, just go for it; as time goes, you’ll be up for the challenge.

4. Eating well and drinking enough water

Anytime we are engrossed in a task, it’s commonplace to find ourselves skipping meals and not drinking enough water. At times, we even consume lots of junk food and fizzy drinks if being famished gets the best of us. Depending on how often you do this, adverse effects could manifest themselves in just a short span of time. Studies have linked high consumption of junk foods to low brain performance which is the last thing we want in the realm of academics. Incorporate brain powered foods into your diet and drink adequate amounts of water each day since water makes up about 60% of our body weight.

5. Challenging yourself

As hilarious as this may seem, engaging yourself in a task you see as difficult leads to a significant boost in well-being. You prove to yourself that you’re capable of achieving more you can ever think of. Just imagine that feeling of accomplishment you get from completing a DIY project – awesome huh?

6. Tidying my space

A cluttered and an untidy room can also add up to being overwhelmed and stressed. It’s literally a reflection of the current state of your mind. So do your best not to buy things which aren’t a necessity to you and also get rid of things you don’t need, either by disposing them off or donating them. Also, make sure to get your clothes and beddings clean at all times.

7. Watching or listening to something informative

Ever imagined how it feels to help out a group of friends who are in dire need of answers to something you became acquainted with through a podcast or documentary — extremely exhilarating, isn’t it? Depending on what keeps you engaged – maybe listening to a podcast or viewing a documentary on National Geographic – imbibing yourself with knowledge on relevant topics rewards you with that “feel good” feeling in the long run.

I wish everyone viewing this a successful semester now and beyond. Kindly share this with friends if you found it helpful.


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