6 ways budgeting is rewarding for your mental health

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Budgeting is a term many are conversant with at this point — from students to parents. Nerd Wallet provides a simple definition by describing it as a spending plan based on income and expenses.

To be successful at budgeting requires a high level of financial discipline in terms of spending. Unfortunately, some people lack this since internet technology has made it extremely easy to adopt bad money habits.

So just in case you find it hard creating a budget, here are 6 ways budgeting benefits your mental health.

1. Reduces worry

When you have your spending under control, it feels like you are living the dream. You wouldn’t have to spend valuable time constantly ruminating on stuff like how you are going to pay your next utility or phone bill — sucks!

2. Eliminates financial stress

No one likes to be stressed by others let alone their finances. Being financially stressed because of little to no budgeting is a nightmare which you can avoid. There’s no joy in having to work extra hours to just to cover other important expenses due to bad money habits.

3. Guarantees you of a fulfilling future

Budgeting makes one inclined to save for a rainy day. We live in an economy driven world which is volatile to say the least. For instance, overall cost of living can just spike in the twinkle of an eye which can get you messed up emotionally and mentally if unprepared.

4. Teaches us to address needs before wants

Budgeting helps anyone get their priorities straight. It teaches us to identify what’s more important to acquire at certain points in our life, although others will always remain necessities like good food, clothing, healthcare, shelter, just to name a few. I guess what I’m saying is, never let your wants dictate your spending for the most part.

5. Retirement guaranteed

Another benefit is the time you will have allocated for yourself after your prime. You wouldn’t have to spend extra years reporting to the office if your finances are in check from early on, which means, there will be a ton of opportunities for you to have time to enjoy fun experiences and make memories which plays a key role in optimum mental well-being.

6. Gets rid of toxic people

Often at times, people who don’t have your best interest at heart are only present in your life to drain you like blood sucking vampires — sometimes through unreasonable favors or peer pressure to get you to spend more than you can afford.
When they realize this, they label you as a miser or a greedy person to make you feel bad but eventually, your good money habits repel such people from your life. This means you end up attracting high quality people.


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