6 easy ways to build "good friendships" in college that no one will tell you about

6 easy ways to build "good friendships" in college that no one will tell you about
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We all know how difficult it can be finding friends while in college – not to talk of building “good friendships”; Well, you’re not alone. Having great friendships can help create a sense of belonging and contribute to a brighter future by developing our sense of purpose. These hacks have been the main driver behind my current friendships and here is the best part: they are pretty simple.

Since you’ve taken this quiz, let us now focus on the ways that guarantee you of establishing good friendships.

1. In class

You have in person classes this semester, now what? Try to break the tension by communicating with your course mates. As much as this might seem difficult for newbies, get to know your colleagues by asking for their name, where they’re from, their major, why they chose it etc and observe the ones who seem to be happy (with a smile on their face) and interested (exhibit good listening skills with great eye-contact) in talking with you. Such people will most likely be interested in starting a friendship to learn more about you not just as a student but as a person.

2. At events

Look up some events which fit your schedule and make it a point to be there. Asides using this as an avenue to take a break from school related tasks, this is a quick way to meet people who share similar interests as you. Now you have something to talk about without making the situation look awkward.

3. Joining clubs

There are a wide array of clubs or organizations tailored to each college student’s interest. Try becoming a member of a few and do your best to actively participate so that you’ll be recognized by club executives and members alike. By doing this, people indirectly learn more about your personality, values, likes, dislikes, and so much more.

4. Forming/Being apart of study Groups

Starting a study group should not be that difficult. If no one talks about starting one, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be interested. Gather the confidence and ask if anyone would be interested in meeting up to discuss and complete a series of class related tasks on certain days. You’ll be surprised by the legion of students whose interest will be piqued.

5. Places of work on campus

Just because you’ve got an on-campus job doesn’t mean building social connections is prohibited. As you’re working to make some extra money on the side to get those cool items you saw online or at a shop, make it a point to interact with student co-workers and learn intriguing things about them. This includes their culture, or even minuscule things like fun facts about them. This gradually creates a unique bond between you two which gets stronger as time passes.

6. Dorms

If you live in college dorms, just know that you are in for quite a treat. You have the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life through hall events or just random meetups in the elevator – well that’s if your hall has many floors as mine. This is also great way to foster a sense of belonging in the residence hall you live in.
As a rule of thumb, be cognizant of those who exhibit great listening skills as well as eye-contact. Those are most likely the folks that’ll pass for great pals.


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