10 hacks for sound sleep to improve mental well-being.

College is demanding but who says you can’t have a good amount of sleep as a student? It is safe to say that those who are unable to do so haven’t adopted these effective strategies which makes them restless for the most part. Now that you’ve taken this quiz, here are 11 ways you can have good sleep.

1. About those gadgets…ouch!

Keep the gadgets away. Yes the phones, as well as laptops or computers, and even TV’s. That way, your exposure to screen time significantly reduces in order to sleep earlier and better.

2. About reducing the duration of naps

If you are just like me, you prolly take a lot of naps. But do your best to create limitations when it comes to the duration of your naps. Long naps have the potential to disrupt your nocturnal sleep cycle.

3. About staying organised

Have a personalised work or study schedule you strictly adhere to; Make sure you complete your tasks at a specific time to avoid procrastination. This way, you can have a specific sleep pattern.

4. Making your room stress free

Make your room your comfort zone. Hide all sorts of distractions — which can get you to worry — from sight. With time, this tunes your mind to make your room synonymous with sleep.

5. Investing in good beddings

Purchase a mattress, pillow, as well as a pad of good quality. This helps you sleep better without any sleep interruptions. To seal the deal, always remember to keep pillow cases, bedsheets, and blankets clean.

6. Exercising for sure

Learn to exercise. If you are just like me then we surely have a long way to go – but we have got this. Exercising is definitely a powerful hack since it drains your mental and physical strength. Eventually you feel tired and as a result, you crave more sleep to re-energize yourself.

7. Sleep masks

Since we sleep better when it’s dark, you could also get a sleep mask just in case your dorm roommate is still using the light in your room.

8. Keeping the room cool

If you want to enjoy your sleep, keeping the room temperature cool at all times is a must. That way you sleep instantly once you snuggle yourself under a cozy blanket and wouldn’t have to worry about waking up at odd times during the night.

9. The food and water

Don’t eat heavy foods or drink water immediately before going to bed. You don’t want to be waking up intermittently to visit the washroom or have to complain about stomach upset the next day. So if you are about to place that food order a few minutes before bed time, then think again.

10. About those stimulants

Avoid consuming beverages with high alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine content immediately before going to bed. Failure to do so makes it so much harder to get the rest you need since you’ll have a significant increase in energy levels.

Which ones are you most excited to try? Share in the comments.


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